UIL Solo & Ensemble

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, 110 choir students loaded a bus at 7:15 a.m. to make their way to the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest hosted by Frenship High School for Region 16.  At the end of the day, Plainview High School students walked away with 146 1st Division medals and 80 students qualifying to continue on to the state competition that will take place at the University of Texas in Austin this June. Plainview choir students are breaking their own record for state qualifiers as well as regionally also.

The students advancing consist of 33 soloists singing art song literature from the Classical and Romantic time periods. Students sang selections in other languages such as German, Italian and Latin. All literature had to be performed from memory. Students spent almost 2 months preparing their repertoire for the event which included consistent vocal coaching, rehearsing every day, self-discipline, and willingness to change and correct physical attributes to improve vocal tone and projection.

PHS students received daily vocal coaching from directors Dr. Debra Buford and Mrs. Sally Bass. Mr. Walter Wright, retired choir director from Plainview High School, also came in twice a week to help with vocal coaching and prepping students for the big competition. Dr. Rebecca Hays, vocal professor at Texas Tech University, came in towards the end of preparation and helped coach some students to the finish line.

According to Dr. Buford, “It takes a community to help so many students have a chance at attaining the opportunity to compete at the state level.”

The advancement to state includes ALL nine madrigal ensembles that performed a cappella music from the Renaissance time period. This music is difficult as students in these groups cannot be conducted nor allowed to use any instrumentation for pitch. Students had to practice setting their own tempos, starting, stopping, and developing dynamic lines that occurred intrinsically with each performance member. Each madrigal had 6-8 performers per ensemble. The nine ensembles advancing to state comprise over 80 percent of the entire A Cappella choir membership. 

Students who received 1st Division ratings and state-bound include:

Acosta, Anthony*

Aguirre, Caleb*

Alcozer, Joseph*

Askins, Allie*

Azua, Marie*

Brooks, Ben

Cain, Sophie*

Campos, Naidelin

Cardiel, Jade

Carter, Maddison

Castillo, Araceli*

Cavazos, Stormy

Chairez, Estrella

Delgado, Cassidy*

Espinosa, Anthony

Esquivel, Joe

Franklin, Timothy*

Garcia, Kevin

Gattis, Tiffany

Gauntt, Ashley

Godino, Ernest

Gomez, Alexandria*

Gonzales, Gillian*

Gonzales, Raiden

Gonzales, Raylin

Gravelle, Kathryn

Griego, Zaiden

Guajardo, Peter*

Harling, Lakia

Henderson, Camarie*

Hernandez, Kenneth

Hernandez, Magy*

Hill, Brayden


Hukill, Lauren

Hurta, Alyssa*

Ibarra, Caesar*

Landeros, Krista

Lewis, Maddison

Long, Jesse

Luera, Jaicei

Maciel, Daisy*

Mancias, Elias*

Marin, Araceli

Martinez, Jakob*

Mayberry, Kole

McClenagan, Kyle*

Miles, Carsen

Moore, Grayson

Moore, Mackie*

Nelson, Lainie

Perkins, Camryn

Ramirez, Joel

Reyes, Isaiah

Reyes, Malachi*

Rivas, Anjel*

Rivas, Isabel*

Rodriguez, Cesar*

Rollins, Samm*

Ruiz, Karla

Saiz, Angelina

Shedd, Alexis

Sims, Mitch*

Snellgrove, Josh

Soto, Josh

Tavarez, Emmalee*

Wallace, Jordan*

White, Zy'Ron*

Wilkinson, Erin*

Wooley, Jakoby

Wren, Brittany*

Yarbrough, Zakira*



*Denotes students who will also compete with a solo