Jordyn Ramirez at Harvard University

School will be out for most Plainview High School students; however, one particular student will be experiencing a two-week-long summer program introducing her to college life as she attends classes, lives on campus, and enjoys fun excursions and activities. Jordyn Ramirez, PHS sophomore, was ecstatic about the possibility of attending the Harvard Pre-College Program.

The Harvard Pre-College Program is an immersive, collaborative, and transformative residential experience. Alongside peers from around the world, students will thrive in a dynamic and supportive academic environment. Jordyn is passionate about school; she is active in several organizations such as the National Honor Society, the National Technical Honor Society, FTC Robotics, Skills USA Robotics, UIL Debate, and Student Council. Jordyn added, “I am here to learn, and a lot of people do not understand my dedication to school. It motivates me and reminds me of where I want to be; Harvard.”

“Jordyn is highly intelligent, but her depth of character, a love for learning combined with tenacity, drive, goal orientation, school and community involvement, social awareness, diverse interests, and a bevy of other sought-after traits, has elevated her above the madding crowd,” said Robin Sweeney, counselor at PHS. “Of course, it helps that Jordyn has some serious championing from her mentor Alyssa Carter and her parents, who all believe in both the importance of education and in Jordyn’s ability to break barriers and reach her potential.”

“This is Jordyn’s achievement, but she could not have gotten this far if it wasn’t for the teachers that she had within PISD” Jordyn’s mom, Nicki Ramirez, said. “Every single teacher she has had from Kindergarten on up has been really influential to her and she would not have been able to do it without her.”

We asked Jordyn if there was a teacher you could thank or has been an inspiration for you, who would it be? Jordyn quickly said, Alissa Carter. Jordyn added, “definitely Mrs. Carter. She has been my right-hand person since 1st grade. I told her I wanted to go to Harvard, and she said ‘okay, let’s do it.”

Jordyn will be recognized at the March 21st Board Meeting at the PISD Education Complex Board Room at 6:00 pm.