Graduation 2022

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    Class of 2022

    Graduation Ceremonies

    Friday, May 27, 2022

    7:00 p.m.

    Greg Sherwood Memorial Bulldog Stadium

    Plainview High School Graduation will take place at Greg Sherwood Memorial Bulldog Stadium on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  The ceremony is expected to take approximately one and a half hours.  Graduates meet at PHS and bus over to the Fieldhouse adjacent to Bulldog Stadium.  No student is allowed to drive their own car or be dropped off at the stadium. ALL graduates must ride the bus.



    Parking will be available on the home side parking lot as well as the Edgemere parking lots.  There will be limited parking on the north end of the stadium where the new baseball field is being built.  Overflow parking will be at the Ed Center, 2417 Yonkers St. There will be district vans that will transport guests to and from the Ed Center if they so choose to park there.


    No one will be allowed on the field at the conclusion of the ceremony.  Students must exit the premises once the ceremony is complete and can meet up with their parents outside of the stadium for pictures or return to the buses to transport back to PHS.

    After the Ceremony

    Graduates will be informed of their post-graduation exit location at practice.  Prior to graduation, please arrange a post-graduation meeting place with family.  The buses will head back to PHS about 30 minutes after graduation.  Students do NOT have to ride the buses back to PHS.


    • No purses, cell phones, etc. will be allowed.
    • No gum, candy, sunflower seeds, food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the ceremony.
    • Graduates will be provided with a bottle of water once they have entered the stadium.
    • Graduates may begin arriving at 5:15 p.m. to the South Parking lot to board the busses headed to the stadium. Students are not allowed to drive to the stadium and must ride the bus in order to walk at graduation.  We will arrive at the stadium no later than 6:05 p.m. 
    • School dress code will be enforced and students will be checked for violation before boarding the bus. No flip flops will be allowed.  All students should wear rubber soled shoes with no heel.
    • No alterations to the original cap or gown are allowed, any written on or decorated caps are not permitted. Graduates may only wear tassels, hoods, and stoles that are through PISD.


    • Gates will open at 6:15 p.m.
    • To provide a safer environment and expedite entry into the stadium we will have a clear bag policy for all guests attending graduation.
    • Saving seats will not be allowed to the large number of guests attending this year’s ceremony.
    • Handicap Accommodations – There are handicap parking spaces on the front row of the parking lot. Handicap seating is available along the track in the front.  Only one person will be allowed to accompany a guest to handicap seating on the track.  Ramps to the stadium seating are available to all sections.
    • Deaf Assistance – Please contact Kevin Parker at or (806) 296-3315 to arrange for assistance. Guests needing deaf assistance should plan to sit in or near Section 101.

    Anything that distracts from the ceremony, whether used by guests or graduates, will be confiscated.  Do not bring such items as beach balls, air horns, signs, posters, etc.  Any person responsible for the distraction will be removed from the premises. 

    Thank you in advance for supporting our effort in making this event enjoyable for all.


    In the event that inclement weather impacts the scheduled start time, the ceremony will be rescheduled to begin at a later time. 


    Any changes regarding graduation time will be communicated to students and parents by School Messenger, and PISD Facebook. The changes will also be posted on the Plainview ISD Website.