First Student: Rules and Regulations

  • Rules defining student conduct are designed to protect the passengers and shall be observed at all times.

    Bus safety rules shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

    1. The bus driver is in charge of students on the Students shall follow the drivers directions at all times. Any or all students may be assigned seats.
    2. Only authorized personnel and eligible bus students assigned to a specific bus are permitted to ride or step upon the bus. Students must ride assigned bus only, failure to comply may result in suspension.
    3. Buses will stop at established stops. Students will not be permitted to leave the bus until the bus arrives at an established bus stop or the appropriate school. Students shall load and unload at their designated bus stop only.
    4. Students will wait for a bus by remaining on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, students will wait next to (but not in) the street. Students must wait until the bus comes to a full stop before boarding or leaving the bus.
    5. Students will remain properly seated at all times and not block the center aisle.
    6. Students must keep their hands, head, feet, and personal objects inside the bus at all times.
    7. Scuffling, shoving, or fighting is prohibited on the bus and at established bus stops.
    8. Littering, or throwing items inside or from the bus is prohibited.
    9. Students are not allowed to consume food or drink on the bus. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited.
    10. Students shall not deface or vandalize the bus or related equipment. Students that violate this rule will be required to pay for damages.
    11. Students are not to engage in loud talking, yelling, the use of profanity, inappropriate language or gestures on the
    12. Students are not allowed to bring animals or harmful objects on the bus (i.e. weapons, drugs, alcohol, fireworks, etc.)
    13. Students are not to engage in any other conduct that disrupts the safe operation of the bus.