Federal Programs

  • The Federal and State Programs Department works with S, Title I Part A, Migrant, Title II Part A, Bilingual/ESL Education, Family & Community Engagement Services, Title IV, and Title V. Our support is multifaceted and cross-curricular for we serve as liaisons to staff while initiating and supporting different tasks focused on the enhancement of student academic success.

    “Sound Servitude, One Student at a Time”

    The Federal and State Programs Department will provide support to students and staff through compliant, individualized, and research-based assistance. Our service’s intent is to be manifested in students whose capabilities enable them to be academically successful in multiple genres of the 21st century.

    Levels of Support Include:

    • District planning, implementation, and reporting for Federal and State Programs: Title I Part A, Migrant, Title II Part A, Bilingual/ESL, Family & Community Engagement, Title IV, Title V
    • Coordinating the identification and services of all at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.
    • District and campus staffing focused on the supplemental, educational assistance of at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.
    • Contact for Federal and State law, specifically, issues with education grants (formula), audits, and academic accountability (TAIS).
    • Facilitating the comprehensive needs assessment of Federal and State programs.
    • Guiding the improvement plan process.