La Mesa Elementary

  • 600 S. Ennis, Plainview, Texas 79072

    Phone: (806) 293-6055 Fax: (806) 296-9425
    Jennifer Hughey, Principal
    School Mission Statement: Parents, Teachers, and Students will work together to strive for excellence! School Motto: “La Mesa is a great place to learn!”
    Total Enrollment 507

    Early Education 47

    Pre-K 39

    Kindergarten 53

    1st grade 65

    2nd grade 60

    3rd grade 88

    4th grade 86

    5th grade 69



    La Mesa Elementary is located in Hale County and is currently serving students from PPCD – 5th grade. Our campus is made up with student population who are 69.5% Hispanic, 24.7% White, 3.6% African American, .2% American Indian, .5% Asian, and .2% Pacific Islander. The campus houses the Medically Supported Instruction unit for special education students who have severe medical needs, the Functional Academic classroom, the PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) students, and the La Mesa Learning Academy (daycare for PISD employees). 71.3% of our students are considered economically disadvantaged. Our current average daily attendance is 95.9%.

    Student Achievement Strengths

    • La Mesa works hard to ensure high levels of rigor in lessons.

    • All grade levels are doing Common Formative Assessments.

    • Balanced literacy and guided reading have been implemented well in all grade levels.

    • Professional learning communities are data driven.

    • Inclusion is a strong component of our special education department.

    • Progress monitoring is happening frequently at the lower levels.

    • Resource meets the need of our lower special education students.

    • La Mesa continues to meet state accountability.

    What parents are saying about our school:

    • Parents feel their child/children are safe at school and understand campus procedures.

    • The school provides information on assessments and strategies that can be done by both home

      and school.

    • The La Mesa staff is welcoming and is there to meet the needs of students and their families.