• We welcome all visitors to our campus and school activities. We ask that all visitors abide by the standards of behavior set by Plainview ISD in the student code of conduct. This also requires presenting yourself to the campus main office and presenting a valid government identification card with a photo. Your identification will be scanned into visitor managment software. You will then be issued a temporary sticker with your photo. You will be required to attach that to your clothing in plain sight until you exit thru the same office of entry. 


    Failure to comply with the Plainview ISD standards of conduct and visitor protocols will prohibit a visitor from entering or participating in school activities. In addition, the Plainview ISD Police will issue a criminal Trespass Warning that would be indefinite. Visitors include parents and families of enrolled students. 


    Such behavior that is prohibited, includes, but is not limited to, the following (may be enforceable by criminal law): 

    • Disruption of class 
    • Disruptive activities at meetings (to include school board meetings open to the public). 
    • Disruption of school transportation 
    • Loitering on campus parking lots 
    • Loud noises that disrupt educational process 
    • Domestic disputes 
    • Disorderly conduct 
    • Use of tobacco products or smoking on campus or at school activities 
    • Verbal abuse or assualt of employees 
    • Making unauthorized contact with other students 


    Only enrolled students have a lawful reason to be on campus. All other persons, including parents, guardians, and family, are considered visitors and allowed access at the discretion of PISD. 

Bulldogs Against Bullying



    Plainview ISD has enrolled with STOPit, the leading technology platform for schools that deters and controls harmful or inappropriate conduct. STOPit empowers students with an easy app to safely and anonymously report anything of concern to school officials – from cyberbullying to threats of violence or self-harm. STOPit empowers students to stand up for themselves and others while giving our schools the insight we need to keep students safe.


    With STOPit, students can submit anonymous reports containing text, photos, or video. Administrators are then able to manage allegded incidents. STOPit Admin provides efficient and powerful investigative tools, including the ability to message with the reporter, which will allow us to address issues quickly.


    STOPit does more than just help schools address incidents and mitigate risk. STOPit will also help us go beyond reacting to bullying and inappropriate behavior, and instead start deterring it. As young people continue to engage more with technology every day, we are taking a proactive step to empower our students to become Upstanders in our community in the way that they feel most comfortable. 


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    Plainview ISD is committed to providing students and staff with the safest learning environment possible by being proactive when it comes to dealing with incidents of inappropriate behavior that lead to avoidable issues. When students are comfortable sharing information with school staff, campuses are able to maintain a positive school climate and get students the help they need.

    • Students report anonymously via mobile app, web, or phone hotline service
    • 100% anonymous, 100% of the time
    • Students can report: 
      • Bullying/Cyberbullying
      • Inappropriate student/Teacher relationships
      • Violence/Threats
      • Weapons Possession
      • Drugs/Alcohol
      • Substance Abuse

    Access Code: plainview