• Click on the links below for the PowerPoint Presentations and Lesson Plans Used in Class This Week

    Overview of NJROTC   17-18 SEP 2018

    Overview of NJROTC Lesson Plan

    Focus on You               24-25 SEP 2018

    Focus on You Lesson Plan

    Core Values & Curriculum  2 OCT 2018

    Core Values & Curriculum Lesson Plan

    NJROTC Unit Activities        9 OCT 2018

    NJROTC Unit Activities Lesson Plan


     Click on the links below to view "Leadership" Powerpoint Presentations you might find useful.

    Importance of Good Follwership

    Leadership Behavioral Styles

    Effective Leadership

    Qualifications of Leadership




    Navy General Orders 1, 2, 3 & 4.   (Information on internet and white class textbook).

    Top 4 in the National Chain of Command.  (Information on internet and passageway bulkhead at unit).

    First Nine Letters and able to Spell Own Last Name in the Phoenetic Alphabet.  (Information on internet and white class textbook).

    Ranks/Pay Grades SR/E-1 through MCPO/E-9.   (Information on internet and on poster displayed on bulkhead in classroom).

    Navy Core Values of Honor Courage Commitment

    Position of Attention through"Arms Naturally At The Sides"

         Head Erect, Eyes in the Boat, Chin Out, Shoulders Back, Chest Out, Stomach In, Weight Evenly Distrubuted on Both Feet, Feet Forming A 45 degree Angle, Arms Hanging Naturally At The Sides...

    How long have you been in in NJROTC? through "Cradle of the Deep"

         All me bloomin' life.  My father ws King Neptune and my mother was a mermaid.  I was born on the crest of a wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep...